CBD Coffee gives you the energy boost to get you going or keep you going while providing the CBD benefits needed to keep you calm and focused. 


Ingredients:  Naturally occurring cannabidiol (CBD) sourced from industrial hemp formulated in a proprietary blend with Organic Arabia Coffee.


Sourced in the USA from licensed industrial hemp cultivators.  Legal for transport and marketing in the USA.  No Prescription reqired. 


Brew in any standard K-cup machine.


Organic Decaf / Medium Roast Coffee, 6 K-Cups, 180mg CBD with 30mg CBD per K-cup

Organic Cup Of Chill Decaf

SKU: Decaf
  • Our Decaf coffee is a light blend of coffee beans without the caffeine.  Enjoy the taste of Java without the caffeine but with our CBD properties designed to help you stay relaxed and focused. 
    Compatible for use with Keurig K Cup Brewers.  The coffect contains CBD and some trace amounts of CBDV and CBDA with a d9-THC concentration of <0.3% on a dry weight basis.

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